Colour Expressionism

Area: Warmth
Riga, Latvia. 2013.

Area: Cave
Poland. 2013.

Italy. 2012.

The project continue one of particular issue "Area".It's a result of the exploring trip to Nord part of Italy. Torino and Bardonecchia...
Russia. 2011.

The project was launched in 2011 as a result of the trip round ecclesiastical places and their surroundings in two cities in Russia – Vladimir and Nizhny Novgorod. The series is devoted neither to beautiful places and cities, nor to the architecture and interior decoration of the churches. It rather shares opinion about the observed – about faith and stone, about the faith in stone...
Latvian Lighthouses
Latvia. 2008-2012.

This project comprises a selection of 12 historic lighthouses from across the coast of Latvia. Most of these lighthouses are not accessible to the public. The project does not cover modern lighthouses — the metal structures — as well as two lighthouses further away in the sea.

The project united 13 photographers and a musician — the author of the soundtrack created using also the sounds from the lighthouses and their vicinity. Through the art photography and music, we intend to take the audience to the amazing atmosphere that surrounds and fills the lighthouses, and help them absorb this whole world on the border of the land and the sea, the human and...
Broken Friends
Sweden. 2011.

Soucial project made spacialy for charity founding project "the 10th ward project".
The project aims to develop feelings of care...

The project aims to produce a photo book and other photography containing products (calendars, postcards, prints collections, etc.) for fundraising purposes.
Riga's moments 10x15
Riga, Latvia. 2011.

Experimental project, consisting of a continuously expanding series of photographs-moments of daily life in the city of Riga and its environs.

Riga is the capital of Latvia, the Baltic state in Northern Europe. It is a quiet Hanza town, living its own life perfectly balancing the medieval architecture and modern European trends.

All photographs are made into postcards sized 10x15cm limited edition - 22.

Project not finished. Final number will be 22 works